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Rushton James

Rush was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and is a cigar and rum connoisseur. He is an experienced leader and has served as an Information Security Office and Senior Director of IT Operations leading teams in all phases of cyber security and network architecture.  Rushton's experienced with  delivering cloud services (SaaS), managing data centers as well as tier 3 technical support operations.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from California State University Fullerton.


In addition to his technical work Rush is known as a renaissance man.  He enjoys creating with his hand, whether it’s woodworking, brewing beer or wine or rethinking designs for day to day use.  


Rushton manages a cigar blog,  a Consulting Company (St. James Consulting) and is the founder of "The RECLAIM Movement"(, an organization focusing on the promotion of the Louisiana Creole language. He lives in Lakewood, California with his wife and two children.





After many years of playing golf and enjoying cigars on the course, Rushton realized there wasn't an effective device to hold cigars while playing.  In true renaissance fashion, he designed a prototype of the Ninety Degree in his garage and shopped his idea to his inner circle.  He quickly realized it was a hit and began Cigar and Rum Inc. 

Magnetic cigar holder for golf
Magnetic cigar holder for golf
Magnetic cigar holder for golf
Magnetic cigar holder for golf
Product Overview

The Ninety Degree Wedge™  is an extraordinary breakthrough in cigar receptacle technology.  Through the use of magnets, the device securely holds to any metallic surface.  The angular cup design keeps cigars secure without applying pressure to the cigar ensuring that is not damaged. 


Suggested retail:  $14.95 860209000214

Suggested retail:  $14.95 860209000207

Suggested retail:  $24.95 860209000221

Target Market

This product is targeted to cigar aficionados on the go and is a great gift idea for dads, husbands, golfers, boaters etc.


The Ninety Degree Wedgee™ does not crimp, squeeze or damage expensive cigars and holds up to a 60 ring gauge.



Height:                    2.25”

Width:                     1.25”+/- .05

Depth:                     1.375”+/- .05

Package Hight:       7“

Package Width:      5”

Package Depth:      1.4375”

Package Weight:     ~2.40 oz +/- .05

Package Case:        1 dozen @ 2lbs +/- .2


55-64                           23.88%

35-44                           19.85%

65+                              17.61%

25-34                           16.57%

45-54                           16.42%

21-24                             5.67%

Male:                                      80.96%

Female                                   19.04%

Mobile Device Info

Apple iPhone                       49.71%

Apple iPad                            12.46%

Samsung Galaxy                    5.54%

Other                                    32.29%


Chrome                                  55.80%

Safari                                      25.45%

Firefox                                      6.85%

Internet Explorer                    3.86%

ɢ                              2.04%

Safari (in-app)                          1.82%

Edge                                          1.48%

Android Webview                    1.13%

Android Browser                     0.66%

Amazon Silk                             0.25%

Affinity Category 

Movie Lovers                                                                                                      3.70%

Technophiles                                                                                                      3.46%

News Junkies/Entertainment & Celebrity News Junkies                             3.26%

TV Lovers                                                                                                            3.15%

Shoppers/Shopaholics                                                                                     3.09%

Travel Buffs                                                                                                        3.02%

Sports Fans/American Football Fans                                                             2.96%

Home Decor Enthusiasts                                                                                 2.90%

Shutterbugs                                                                                                       2.57%

Music Lovers                                                                                                      2.43%

Other                                                                                                                 69.46%

In-Market Segments

Travel/Hotels & Accommodations                                                                  3.50%

Sports & Fitness/Sporting Goods/Golf Equipment                                      3.32%

Employment                                                                                                       2.79%

Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles (Used)                            2.56%

Travel/Air Travel                                                                                                 2.28%

Real Estate/Residential Properties/Residential Properties (For Sale)       2.07%

Financial Services/Investment Services                                                         2.04%

Home & Garden/Home Furnishings                                                              1.94%

Real Estate/Residential Properties/(For Sale)                                               1.94%

Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones                                                          1.79%

Other                                                                                                                 56.29%

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