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We take pride in developing, designing and manufacturing the NINETY DEGREE WEDGE entirely in the U.S.A.   There are many cigar holders available, the issue with most is that they pinch your premium cigars.  Any cigar connoisseur knows that tobacco leaves are delicate why would you clip or force your cigar in a gadget which will eventually puncture them.  The NINETY DEGREE WEDGE  applies no pressure, ensuring that your cigar is in perfect condition to enjoy every time you reach for it.


the NINETY DEGREE WEDGE  resolves typical cigar clip issues by allowing you to gently place your cigars in a secure holder which can handle a lancero to a gordo (60 ring gauge).  The NINETY DEGREE WEDGE   won’t smash your cigar or allow it to fall from the holder.  A sturdy and compact device, the magnetic design of the NINETY DEGREE WEDGE   is not limited to just a golf cart.  You can use it on your deck, boat, while tailgating, or anywhere  you may want your cigar held.  All you need is a metal surface.  It’s that simple! 


Thanks to the vertical design of the NINETY DEGREE WEDGE , your cigar will always rest away from the mounted surface assisting in a consistent slow and even burn.  That's why the NINETY DEGREE WEDGE  is the best thing that happened to cigars.


The NINETY DEGREE will be your “best wedge in your bag!”



Lee Moss

Insurance Company Owner

"I simply love this tool.  It easy to use and fits my large 60 gauge cigars without issue.  A must have wedge in your bag!  Can't go golfing without it!!!"

Vaughdrea Harvey

Los Angeles Police Officer

"This is the perfect cigar holder - compact, easy to mount, inexpensive and built to last.  I highly recommend!!!”

David Bruce M.B.A., JD

Senior Principle

"The Ninety Degree has revolutionized the way I keep track of my quality cigars while focusing on my golf game.  I would strongly recommend that you make the Ninety Degree an essential part of your golf game”

Dirk Adams

College Planning America Certified Master Mentor

"I give the Ninety Degree a 100!!!  It's a perfect combination of style, utility and elegance.  I'll surely have several in my collection."

Randy Brown

LA County Fire Dept.

"The Ninety Degree held onto my cigar and I never had to think about where I put it.  The Ninety Degree is a great tool for Cigars!!!"

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